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TOMMY YUMMY FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED is the fastest growing, customer centric and India's franchise management division created to manage Louisiana Famous fried chicken’s global agenda. Our dedicated team consists of highly experienced and qualified individuals supporting towards the development of the Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken franchise program in each step. Our Team is on a mission to increase franchisee success in every aspect of the business. Profitability and service excellence are achieved with a concentration that guides each business choice. TOMMY YUMMY FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED visualizes to be the best restaurant company in INDIA with customer satisfaction.

Our key establishment frameworks and continuous support guarantee that our franchisees get the business running in the least time with most extreme productivity, with our procedure driven operations manual and open correspondence channels with the Louisiana renowned headquarters. Our franchisees are equipped with exceptional administration and management skills with phenomenal quality principles and the right attitude to build an effective and successful business. Every operation at TOMMY YUMMY FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED is governed, regulated and activated by our appreciable team to be the best restaurant company in INDIA, with a process of excellence. TOMMY YUMMY FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED is the largest franchise for Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken in INDIA, with a distinguished track record and expertise in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) segment. TOMMY YUMMY FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED has launched LOUISIANA FAMOUS FRIED CHICKEN with QSR chain and plans across INDIA. We along with our team work together to provide the best for our customers and franchisees.

Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken Brand & Benefits

After a decade of experience with Jack-in-the-Box and Pioneer Chicken franchises, Joe Dion decided to start his own. Over a year in development, Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken was born out of many research trips to New Orleans and experimentation in the family garage. The first store opened in August of 1976 in Los Angeles and the response by the public was so overwhelming that 10 company stores were established by 1979. Joe sold his stores and began licensing the trademark and recipes to independent operators. He is now happily retired and has turned over operations to Michael P.Eng

Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken is not a franchise, it is a licensing arrangement which allows franchisee to use the Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken trademark and prepare and sell Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken products. We are looking for motivated, independent entrepreneurs with management experience from food service industry to establish and operate their own Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken stores.

As a franchisee, Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken offers you these advantages:

Access to nationally and internationally known products Original Cajun Recipe, Fried Chicken, Fried Shrimp & Fish, Grilled Shrimp & Fish, Sea Food, Mashed Potatoes, Gumbo, Green Beans, Red Beans & Rice, Dirty Rice, Cole Slaw, Desserts, Beverages & Slushies.

A peer network of more than 630 franchisees, more than 35 percent of which have more than 25 years of experience.

More than 40 years of Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken franchise support and many programs to help our franchisee to compete within the QSR and franchise industries.

Access to the United Foodservice Purchasing Cooperative (UFPC), the largest food-buying co-op in the foodservice industry.

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Franchise Process

  • Second slide
    • Second slide Complete your application
    • Second slide Once the application reviewed our LOUISIANA FAMOUS FRIED CHICKEN franchise team will contact you
    • Second slide Receive and review Franchise Disclosure & Qualification Package. The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), required by the Federal Trade commission, provides prospective franchisees with information about the franchisor, the franchise system and the agreements that will be required so that you have the information needed to make an informed decision.
  • Second slide
    • Second slide Provide proof of assets
    • Second slide Select location and develop business plan
    • Second slide Background checks completed
    • Second slide Present business plan to Franchise Manager
    • Second slide Submit legal entity documentation
    • Second slide Financial review completed, based on business plan
    • Second slide If all criteria met, receive franchise approval
  • Second slide
    • Second slide Sign Store Development Agreement (SDA)
    • Second slide Store assessment
    • Second slide Location and store finalization
    • Second slide Store build out, equipment installation and security setup
  • Second slide
    • Second slide Chefs on boarding
    • Second slide Point of sale (POS) and inventory
    • Second slide LOUISIANA FAMOUS FRIED CHICKEN inspection and issue license by attorney
  • Second slide
    • Second slide Good to go
    • Second slide Store GRAND OPENING

Franchise Application

Please provide some initial information to aid us in our selection process. After completing this form, you will be contacted via email or phone about your application status. Fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) are required.

Franchise support

Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken provides support through TOMMY YUMMY FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED service center, our technical team is always there to support the growth and development of the brand. Our support team will help and assist you in defining the best way to launch Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken brand in INDIA market. Together, we will complete a comprehensive Study that will act as a guide for making decisions regarding facilities, menu, marketing and more. In addition, once we know the requirements for your market, we’ll help to build your market with a specific supply chain. We know that paying attention to our restaurant profits is critical to Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken long-term success.

Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken will support you in determining the optimum market development plan. How many restaurants to build and where? What type of venues? These are questions that help to successfully build the brand and achieving the economies of scale necessary to realize your profit goals. Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken has strict procedures and operating standards. Our management team (including chefs and managers for each restaurant) will be trained through the Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken management certification program.

Every international franchise has a primary person for support called Regional Leader (RL). This highly experienced and trained restaurant professional will be in your market or region. The RL will be your consultant on all matters regarding your Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken restaurant franchise. Additionally, at the TOMMY YUMMY FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED Service Center, there is a dedicated team to support the Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken international system in areas including Development Services, Marketing, and Advertising, Supply Chain, Operations, and Training. TOMMY YUMMY FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED also has a developed web portal to access the clock support all the week. If you need access to video training, management tools, contact information, marketing tools, the operations manual or more, this web portal is there for you and your team.


  • How do I get started?

    Prospective franchisee are to review the franchise application process, fill in the online form and submit all the necessary documents as indicated. A TOMMY YUMMY FOODS representative will be in contact with you if you meet our criteria.

  • Can franchisees of other brands qualify for a Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken franchise?

    Franchisee’s of other brands may qualify for a Louisiana Fried Chicken franchise, provided that they are not in the same industry. TOMMY YUMMY FOODS prefers franchisees without other major business commitments.

  • What are the conditions to be a part of Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken Franchise?

    For a unit franchisee – we are looking for an individual who are motivated and excited about the business and the brand who has strong business acumen and are willing to be hands on in the operations of the Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken outlet. For your information, if we approve your franchise request, you are required to establish a Private limited company.

    For a Master Franchisee – we look for a strong business establishment, with a strong business track record who has the capacity to aggressively develop the brand within the given territory. A bonus would be if the potential partner is already in the F&B industry / multi franchise investor or businesses with a strong human capital support.

  • Where do I go for more information on Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken?

  • How long will it take to get approved as a franchisee?

    Initial qualification involves a series of background checks and interviews and generally takes 12-14 weeks. After that, site registration and approval can take three to nine months, but is dependent on when you submit a site for registration.

  • How long will it take to build my restaurant?

    Generally, once your site has been approved through the internal site registration process and you have signed your option agreement, you have eight months to begin construction and one year to open for business.

  • How much money will I make? What will be my profit percentage? What are the profit margins of other franchisees? What kind of return on my investment may I expect?

    Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken provides some key cost information in Item 19 in the FDD. Prospective franchisees are encouraged to use this information as they determine whether they believe a restaurant may be profitable in their area. Existing franchisees are a resource you can use for more information. A list of domestic franchise units, the franchisee’s name and phone number are listed in the FDD.

  • What kind of training does Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken offer?

    Before you open your restaurant, three key holders of your restaurant are required to attend and complete Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken’s training program. Key holders of the restaurant could include the franchisee, an Above Store Leader, Restaurant General Manager or Assistant Manager. Training ranges from eight to ten weeks (depending on the unit to be opened) and is conducted both centrally in Louisville, KY and in certified training stores. There is a fee for the training and the Franchisee is responsible for all costs incurred including travel and lodging of the management team.

  • Does Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken provide restaurant financing?

    Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken does not provide financing, however, they do provide a list of banks/financing institutions that have expressed an interest in lending to Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken franchisees. To facilitate financing, Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken is listed on the SBA Registry and has prepared a Bank Credit Report to answer loan department inquiries about the Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken/QSR/Franchising business.


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